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Lawyers Are Like Golf Clubs

Lawyers Are Like Golf Clubs….Strange Analogy?   Not so let me explain.

First let me weigh in with the standard caveat. I am not a  lawyer, but I have worked with hundreds of them of all shapes, sizes, and specialties: Immigration, Business, Transactional, Prosecutors, Defense, Patent, Tax, PI, and even Environmental.  Let me first tell you that there are good ones and bad ones as there are in many professions. They are necessary and can be (as we used to say in the Army) a “Force Multiplier . You simply have to know what their role is and how to use them to enhance or protect your business objective.   Another quick tip is to not go the route of a one size fits all or “Swiss Army Knife Attorney”  .

Just as in physicians there are specialties and skill comes from repeat practice of skills you want to choose the right “club” for the job.  Hence the Golf Club Reference


So here are some local folks I recommend for various things.  Now when you get to bigger practices you can have multiple disciplines but in general pick a lawyer who specializes…the skills are sharper… would not putt a ball with a sand wedge would you?

Small Business Law  :  Heather Meglino  

Transaction Law: Kenn Gluckmann

Franchise Law: Joshua Logan

Personal Injury: Clinton Cagle

Family / Divorce: Joy Ragan

Source: Michael Shea of Transworld Business Advisors

Lawyers Are Like Golf Clubs


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