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Discrimination & Harassment Training Packages

In 2017, 84,254 complaints were filed for discrimination within the workplace. A new EEOC online portal makes it even easier for employees to files charges of discrimination against your company.

With daily news stories covering harassment including the powerful #metoo movement, it is now more important than ever to hire an outside attorney to train your employees on Harassment and Discrimination within the workplace. Taking a proactive approach will allow your employees to be more aware of their actions, the actions of others, and will help reduce potential workplace conflict.

Further, if this proactive approach prevents one successful lawsuit against your business, the training has more than paid for itself.

Training at company



Employee Training: An interactive training to help educate what harassment and discrimination is; review of ADA accommodations and the process for obtaining as well as the misconceptions that go with ADA accommodations; a thorough review of company handbook policies; review how employees should utilize internal company resources for complaints; overview of company discipline procedures; and the overall view that their company has taken a proactive approach to these serious issues.

Manager Training: An interactive training to help educate what harassment and discrimination is and how to appropriately handle any complaints; a review of ADA accommodations and how to properly handle such requests to avoid liability; a review of any internal policies and procedures for handling complaints; statistics related to how much money these issues cost companies; overview of responsibility as managers to act quickly and be thorough in investigations; and the overall view of the importance of handling these serious issues properly.

We can also provide flexible days and times for the training and hold the training before or after work hours to help accommodate your employees and managers.

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