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In-House Counsel Services

Eliminating the billable hour and high cost of retainer fees.

Having a lawyer when you need them will be a crucial step to ensure your businesses success at every stage. It is a common misconception to wait until you are faced with a legal issue to consider hiring a lawyer. Working with a business lawyer even before your business is created can not only guide your business to success, but can also make sure that your business asset is protected.

Benefits of In-House Counsel:

  • Controlled costs for attorney’s fees;
  • Regular contact with an attorney to quickly answer questions and resolve issues;
  • Tailored approach to meet your business needs; and
  • Risk management analysis and legal updates.

Services Offered:

  • After business hours and weekend appointments available;
  • Reduced litigation rates;
  • Business consulting & HR services available;
  • Development of policies and procedures specific for your business.

What makes us different than other companies and services on the market?

The relationship. You will develop an ongoing relationship with an attorney that knows your business. At Meglino Law, you won’t get a different attorney that you have to explain your business to each time you need legal advice. By knowing your business, your attorney can take quick and efficient action for you. This helps reduce the time and costs you will spend on legal fees.

Reach Out to Meglino Law and Take Control of Your Legal Fees!

Meglino Law provides better, personalized service to clients in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Give us the opportunity to assist you as your in-house counsel. Conveniently located in downtown Orlando, Florida, you can call us at 407-900-7440 or contact the firm online

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